In this world where everyone is running their own race and keeping their health and fitness aside, realizing that the biggest investment is – leading a healthy lifestyle.

A noble man once said, Health is THE wealth, If you have a healthy body and soul then wealth automatically comes in your way. There is no bigger treasure than healthy wellbeing and healthy lifestyle in actuality. And many of us ignoring it due to their busy schedule and busy life will earn us only wear out bodies in our older ages. So going forward think twice weather you are choosing it right or not.

So I’m sharing some ways which everyone can easily incorporate to invest in your healthy body and voila – you can follow during your working schedule:

Get moving: Efficiently use your breaks you get within the office hours. Take more small breaks rather than few longer breaks – when you take more breaks you walk more to move out of your work stations and also get refreshed.

Use stairs instead of lifts: Using stairs is a great leg work out and is also considered as a good cardio exercise. And will prove to be a healthy way in keeping you fit.

Register yourself in office gym: One of the best thing you can do is join your office gym that help you in maintaining your fitness while working. As most of us commute via cabs to our office and often reach early – this is the time you can utilize to build your health.

Eat homemade food and avoid outside food: Weather you live at home or in PGs – avoid eating non healthy or junk food as much as you can. Working in shifts or uneven working hours will disturb your fitness cycle, so eat clean and healthy food.

And lastly plan out your day.  Spending 5 minutes identifying what you’ll eat and when you’ll work out makes you WAY more likely to actually follow through with it.

I hope you will incorporate these ways to reform your daily routine to lead a healthy life. Also share some of your secret tips which I can adapt to lead active life. Till then Happy healthy life to everyone. 🙂

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