Why do we need to opt for Yoga?

Sound and rocking lifestyle comes down to TWO simple things- first: what you do and second: what you think?

The biggest problem we all face is to seize some time out from our schedule to healhtify our body – either for hardcore gym workouts or a morning jog or any other activity.
Sometimes its weather,sometimes it’s the fast ticking clock or sometimes the Supreme God (i.e. our mood and laziness) tie us in the bed for few more magical minutes of that sweet morning sleep.But thanks to our historical science we have a magic wand with us…
. And it is YOGA!
Investing only 20 mins daily.. yeah you read it right…only 20 mins in it and what change you will feel within yourself will bound you to pursue it for longer..
Here are few answers to “Why should we opt for yoga” ?
1.Maintains nervous system : when you meditate, it helps to focus your brain and boost up blood circulation and reduces the chances of strokes.
2.Boost immune system: scientifically it is proven that Asana and Pranayama activates our organs in and out and leads to better functioning of these.
3.Health from within: yoga helps in better breathing from nose which filters air and purifies it by removing dirt and passes fresh air to your lungs.
4.Improved blood quality: yoga gets more oxygen to our cells which reduces stress, gives
proper sleep, maintains blood pressure and fills our system with fresh air.
Above are the basic pillars of healthy body which we can have from yoga;however there’s no end ofthe benefits it can offer. So why don’t you try it out yourself for 20 days and witness the transformation inside you! Symptoms would be: Elevated mood, feeling light on feet, improved concentration, sound sleep etc.
Till then keep rolling to the road of getting healthy. 🙂


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