In continuation with the previous discussion..

4. Don’t gulp down water right after you finish your meal : This is science..our stomach churns the food which produce heat and which in turn helps in digestion . But when  you drink water you diffuse the warmth and heat inside the stomach and disturb the digestion. Instead take a gap of at least 30 minutes between your meal and water .

5. Replace all kinds of bread with Multigrain bread : Also a scientific principle to mention ..when our food is digested , our body uses calories to break And it takes more energy (calories) to digest whole grain food . So adapting whole grain food in your diet will also help in more calorie consumption . And helps in substantial weight loss.

6. Don’t miss vegetable salad in your meals : Whatsoever seasonal vegetables are available , do include them in your salad . Sprinkle salt and lemon to it and enjoy . Not only it will add taste to your meal , the lemon in the salad is a great fat cutter of its own.

7. Avoid packaged ready to eat food to curb stress of starving . Instead snack on almonds, lemonade , curd , fruits , corn flakes and stuff like these to satisfy your small hungers.

Let me know in the comments your experience with these habits and feel the healthy changes within you .

See you until the next time 🙂

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