7 Eating habits that change your life..

Discovering about ways to keep our body healthy and realizing the need to implement these ways , surely can prove to be a boon for everyone . I’m eating healthy ..no junk in the weekdays , no heavy meals at night…started walking in evening . Now what more!

Is there anything which can accelerate my fitness journey and increase the efficiency of my efforts of getting FIT? The answer is YES.

I’m sharing with you 7 secrets to maximize the output of the healthy habits..

  1. Drink min of 1 glass water as soon as you get out of your bed: i  am personlly an anti-water person. Can’t drink more than 2-3 glasses of water in the whole day.. and sometimes less than that. But i can’t tell you how much I’m grateful to my DAD who made me adapt this habit. What is does : Flush toxins out of body , act as an enzymes activator , gives you a fresh stomach to start your day.
  2. Plan your temptations : if you have bought a nice cheese cake or gulab jamun , samosa or French fries , it’s better if you can avoid them .. It’s wallah 😦 but if you can’t then eat them in your breakfast . This way it would be easier to digest them and use the fat and calories throughout the day and less chances to fat getting deposited.
  3. Eat your fruits empty stomach : Nothing can be a greater boon for your system than a fruit. Eating them in the breakfast will not only enrich your system with vitamins , fiber , minerals etc but also will fill your stomach which will make you eat other items comparatively less in quantity .

Watch out my next post where I discuss remaining four magical tips to accelerate your journey to become healthy.

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