7 Recipes To Adapt This New Year

In Today’s world , fitness is a key challenge to combat. And in this ever running lifestyle , keeping our food and lifestyle clean should have our keen interest.

So how about finding few easy ways which we can adapt to eat healthy and feel awesome .

“Eating healthy does make me feel satisfied and happy”……I don’t know how !

I’m today discussing 7 my favorite and most simple recipes to adapt.

1) Chick peas salad 


Chick peas -boiled 200gms

1 large chopped onions

1 large chopped tomato

Lime juice

Red chilli powder

Dried coriander powder

Finely chopped green chilli

Take the boiled chick peas in a bowl and add the chopped veges into them . Mixed well and then add the spices and lime juice to it and mix . It is ready to serve and eat.

When boiling the chick peas , add salt to it at that time.This way it will be dissolved well and helps peas to get boiled easier.

2) Milk Muesli

Take one cup museli and milk ( you can choose the type of your choice from skimmed milk , toned milk , standard etc )

If you want can add few more pieces of dark chocolate to it to modify the taste a bit and enjoy.

3) Ricotta Cheese (Paneer) Sandwich


Home made ricotta cheese

Chopped Onion

Chopped green chilli

Cumin seeds

Red chilli powder

Coriander powder

Olive oil

Take a pan and keep it on sim flame ,2-3 spoons of oil and upon its heating add cumin seeds to it . When they change their colour add chopped onion and green chilli and fry them till they become golden . Now add turmeric chilli powder , coriander powder and scrumbled cheese to it. Mix well on sim flame .Add salt and cook for 2-3 min and lid on the pan .Now take two slices of multigrain bread , spread paneer on it one slice , cover it with other slice and grill. After grilling , cut the sandwich into 2 piece and serve with ketchup.

4)Veg Cream Sandwich 

Ingredients :

One sliced Tomato

Sliced Cucumber

Fresh cream taken out of milk

Red chilli powder


Take multigrain bread and spread the fresh cream on both the slides. Now take cucumber slices and place evenly on one slice and place tomato slices on other . Now sprinkle red chilli and salt according to taste over them .Make sandwich and grill it . Cut them into two and TADAAA.

5) Moong sproute Salad

Ingredients :

Boiled Dal ,

Chopped onion ,

Tomato ,

Green chilli ,

Coriander .

Lemon juice

Process is just similar to chick peas salad , Add salt and sliced potato to the lentil while boiling it .

6) Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich

Ingredients :

Sliced Banana,

Peanut Butter,

Whole grain bread

Spread peanut butter on two slices and then place banana slices on it .Make sandwich and grill . Cut into two pieces and enjoy with warm milk or coffee.

7) Vegetable Sandwich 

Ingredients :

Chopped tomato ,

Onion ,

Capcicum ,

Freshcream taken out of milk ,

Chilli powder ,

Salt ,

Coriander powder ,


Process : Mix all the ingrediants according to your choice of consistency. Spread the mix on 1 slice and cover it with another plain and slice and grill the sandwich . Cut the afterwards and enjoy with tea or coffee .

I wanna know which out of these you liked the most .Waiting for your experiences  .

Think healthy till next time .


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